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I have a love-hate relationship with WordPress.

I have studied it in great detail, worked with it professionally for years and years, and published my own website using WordPress for just about a full year now (this time).

Where WordPress and I drift apart is not so much a failing of WordPress, though there are some rough spots. No, my difficulty with WordPress comes from the experience of greenfield design, undertaken to solve the same problems. I’ll say no more, because showing is better than telling, and now is not the time (2019-05-20).

I have built a little momentum in helping others to publish their own websites, many for the first time outside of a corporate silo. For the sake of getting some early and frequent reward while working with newcomers to online publishing, I continue to find that the WordPress experience is second to none.

I’ll modify that to make teaching with WordPress easier and see what happens next.

ThemePsymanticA minimal theme for the purpose of using Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH).
ThemePancakesMy first theme-à-terre. Nothing to see here 😛
ThemeDads’ BreakfastNew.
PluginContent HelpersA few shortcodes that were useful before Gutenburg, but now, not so much.