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Christopher James Willcock

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Semantic Compatibility in Communication

Understanding Semantic Compatibility in Communication (
… while attention may be paid to insuring that descriptions or attributes within a target message reflect those things most likely to be meaningful to the target receiver, very little, if any, consideration seems to go into possible interactions among those descriptions or attributes.

A brief paper which discusses the oft-unconsidered problem of semantic compatibility among attributes chosen to describe one object.

… the hostname should not have any indication of the hostโ€™s purpose or function, but instead acts as a permanent, unique identifier to reference a particular piece of hardware throughout its lifecycle.

Great notes on a proper naming scheme for network server setups.


GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization (
GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

A useful tool for self-testing website optimizations. Free for the core testing and reports.

The Aclonica Font

Google Fonts (Google Fonts)
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography

I saw this Aclonica font in use and noted it for later. I’m now taking the saved link I had in an unpublished draft post and moving it to a public bookmark post-kind. If I had done this in the first place, I may have captured the source where I first saw it in use, but I was still getting my head around post-kinds early on.

Can We Build a Static Site Generator for #IndieWeb (
We have locked away our content behind LMS silos for too long. This has lead to academics and taxpayers being exploited. Instead of us all recreating the wheel at each university academics should band together and start remixing and publishing our courses in the open. I believe the easiest way to acc...

I like this idea and especially how the author has sketched it out! Noting here now to follow up later.

Lost in Math

Lost in Math (
... the negative LHC results for popular speculative models are now in. What effect will these have on those who have devoted decades to studying such models?


How Blogs Broke the Web

How the Blog Broke the Web (
All thanks to a quirky bit of software produced to alleviate the pain of a tiny subset of a very small audience.



Preserve combinators that are not surrounded by white space by cjwillcock ยท Pull Request #14 ยท ThomasWeinert/PhpCss (GitHub)
I found with selectors that include a pseudo-class followed by a combinator (other than descendant combinator), with no space in between those two tokens,, such as "a:hover>span", the ...

One more little contribution to the useful PhpCss selector parser by Thomas Weinert. In this case, the regular expressions were greedily including combinators in pseudo-class literals, instead of seeing the end of the token.

Before: it saw a:hover>span and errored, saying “there is no such pseudo-class as :hover>span.”

After: it sees a:hover>span and putters along happily with element a, pseudo-class :hover, child combinator >, and element span.