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Christopher James Willcock

Enjoy Kaizen


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Found you by Rachel WillcockRachel Willcock (
I think I am doing this correctly! Hehe.

Yes you did. You are doing webmentions!

Rachel Willcock by rmw rmw (
Eating ice cream and making my first post on my first website my husband set up for me.

Welcome to the IndieWeb Rachel!

Daniel Willcock by Daniel WillcockDaniel Willcock (
Me and my Dad just made my new website!

Good luck with your first website buddy! Remember that I will help you figure out anything you want to do with it. Ask me questions about it anytime you want!

@bonstewart wanted to make an introduction to @cjwillcock He is an awesome developer and WordPress guy from PE who has gotten quite involved in the #IndieWeb as late. Figured you could point him to the rich history and people of PEI doing our kind of work in #OpenPedagogy

Thanks @jgmac1106 and hi @bonstewart!

I like the mystery person reflected in the door. Our photographer?