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Christopher James Willcock

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Issue is a special kind of article post that is a reply to typically some source code, though potentially anything at a source control repository.
Flush Rewrite Rules · Issue #2 · indieweb/wordpress-mf2-feed (GitHub)
When I activated the plugin, I had to manually flush the rewrite rules to get it to work.

I installed and activated the plugin from my WP Dashboard. After, I found my /feed/mf2/ urls are 404s. I flushed the rewrite rules (Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Save Changes).

Works now.


Preserve combinators that are not surrounded by white space by cjwillcock · Pull Request #14 · ThomasWeinert/PhpCss (GitHub)
I found with selectors that include a pseudo-class followed by a combinator (other than descendant combinator), with no space in between those two tokens,, such as "a:hover>span", the ...

One more little contribution to the useful PhpCss selector parser by Thomas Weinert. In this case, the regular expressions were greedily including combinators in pseudo-class literals, instead of seeing the end of the token.

Before: it saw a:hover>span and errored, saying “there is no such pseudo-class as :hover>span.”

After: it sees a:hover>span and putters along happily with element a, pseudo-class :hover, child combinator >, and element span.

GNU/Linux – more than a name

Linus Torvalds did not author the ls command · Issue #41 · knpuniversity/behat (GitHub)
The opening page Behat/Using Behat proposes a scenario that Linus Torvalds requests help building ls. I understand this is a thought experiment and a made-up scenario, but perhaps a note in the scr...

Students of programming should learn their history. At the very least, not be given an alternative, misrepresentation of history. As important as where you are going, is where you have been. Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.

Open Source Contribution

Allow for pseudo-class position with repeat > 9n, no additional offset by cjwillcock · Pull Request #13 · ThomasWeinert/PhpCss (GitHub)
I found with selectors that include a pseudo-class with position, such as :nth-child(10n), the parser generates a token mismatch if the NUMBER is more than one digit. I traced this Scanner/Patterns...

I have found the PhpCss library from Thomas Weinert very useful. I used it so much, I found a bug and fixed it. It’s nice that this library has unit tests so I could quickly create a new pattern and expected output, then make my little correction.

Typical programming mistake, a missing plus (+)!