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Christopher James Willcock

Enjoy Kaizen

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I found street workout via calisthenics -> street workout.

Look Who’s Ducking

From the Making of Dads’ Breakfast


Sign the releases.

Release early.

Release often.


I further took down the font-size of table text in the Gutenberg editor, from fourteen (14) to twelve (12).

        font-size: 12px;


I put the fence back up after the apple tree knocked it down about a decade ago. Didn’t stick in the corner. Back at ‘er.

I knew it was bad when I realized that …

I had made a mistake too!

What time zone is it? Duh.

Et tu, Facebook?

I tried to add all my places-lived to Facebook, from empty through 35 years of moving around and remembering rough dates.

You haven’t lived until you’ve broken Facebook.

I have fourteen added in a row, with the fifteenth showing me the block.

I moved back and forth a bunch, to one home-base. That is naturally, the same location that I list as my hometown above.

I hit something that displays HTML formatting, e.g. <br /><br />. Rare I guess, to have that much valid history to queue?

I guess that depends on whom, or what, is doing the considering.


I prefer to preserve the privacy I still hold over exact calendar dates of my moves. I send to Facebook, each move in the calendar year as an enumeration beginning January N, where N starts at 1 and increases each time it is used. This keeps events in the same order, without forcing me to tell a convincing lie by estimating differently.

The lesser of two evils, in my considering.


UPDATE: 27 mins later …

I’ve removed all the duplicates. Still blocked from adding locations.

I guess Facebook assumes if this message is being sent, it isn’t possibly a person and they stop helping me out. The ‘Help Center’ link isn’t actualized there because the HTML got caught in a filter and entity-encoded.

Dearest Dustbunny Duck Buddy

When I’m writing in a block, and need to add a couple of rows to my table, WordPress doesn’t have an obvious way to add n-rows at a time.

I’m pressing on the table icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar, selecting to ‘add row after’ and surprise, trying to do that again to add another. The first go breaks the interface. Pressing the toolbar icon now shows the selections all muted. No add row available to me here. I need to click on my table again first.

Okay, the table inside the blocked table lost focus when I added a row. I know how to give it the focus back.