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Christopher James Willcock

Enjoy Kaizen

Category: Education

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@bonstewart wanted to make an introduction to @cjwillcock He is an awesome developer and WordPress guy from PE who has gotten quite involved in the #IndieWeb as late. Figured you could point him to the rich history and people of PEI doing our kind of work in #OpenPedagogy


Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (via

Thanks @jgmac1106 and hi @bonstewart!


Can We Build a Static Site Generator for #IndieWeb

We have locked away our content behind LMS silos for too long. This has lead to academics and taxpayers being exploited. Instead of us all recreating the wheel at each university academics should band together and start remixing and publishing our courses in the open. I believe the easiest way to acc...



I like this idea and especially how the author has sketched it out! Noting here now to follow up later.