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Category: Semantics

Against selfdogfood as Polite Nomenclature for Principles

I don’t like the association to the selfdogfood term.

I love making my own stuff for my own site that I use. That’s ‘selfdogfooding’ on the IndieWeb.

‘Food’ I plan to ‘eat’ in the morning, is that breakfast selfdogfooding then?

That’s an unhappy association.

A dog’s breakfast is a breakfast mistake. As is a dog’s dinner.

I feel it trend on through all the foods fit for the dog.

I strive for no mistakes in making a meal.

I seem to have a compatibility issue with the term.

To put it simply, I must eat.

To suggest my own made meal is like the dog’s?

That’s impolite and uncalled-for.

root is virtual! lol

root is a good password for the root account on privately hosted, offline virtual machines.

Semantic Interoperability

When elements from independent systems of semantic interoperability appear within the same document, the semantic compatibility of the independent systems is the measure of their non-interference.

HTML and CSS have very good semantic compatibility, often appearing together in the same document.

This is on my mind lately as I consider the compatibility of web application sources with microformats, while building a utility to help identify any aspects of the web application sources which interfere with the desired interoperability embodied by microformats.

I currently describe my pre-release project as: “A utility which checks webapp sources for compatibility with microformats semantics”. Based on the foregoing, I’m considering changing the description a little. At the end of the day, the work is the program that helps find the issues in the code. I’m hopeful that someone with greater comfort discussing the topic will help me to gain some confidence in how I present the program. So long as it is providing some useful and desired outcome, I’ll be working on it for awhile longer. Hopefully work to benefit more than myself!

The working title of my project is Triage. Source code is available at the link. I posted to IndieWeb chat (#wordpress) awhile back that I would publish source as soon as it does something useful. I’ve got the core command-line utility there and it will identify semantics (and syntax) issues in CSS files. It will be a little while before I have a web-based interface to make this available to a wider audience. From there I’ll look to add other languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript).