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Browser Quit: Smell ya later Chrome

I found my mouse pointer disappeared whenever my mouse moved inside the Chrome window. Worked fine outside.

This was yesterday or the day before I guess.

Yea, I could get it going, I’m sure. But I was looking for an excuse ever since they started forcing me to login to Chrome all the time. Among other things. It got creepy. (note: works now after doing … something).

It’s – since the Alphabet spin-up. Or I saw it coming on the day I learned about the motivators to spin up Alphabet. The Google brand disconnected from the originators passion just then.

Now Google is a profit driven, corporate giant. Like a crab molting from a smaller shell. You may still be seeing it mid-molt. You know what’s next though, don’t you?

I was a Vivaldi user before I switched to Chrome – when my work became full-time web-dev.

That’s not my work now though. Well, not full-time.

It’s Firefox time.

Can I change that pink/blue color in the inspector when I look at CSS rules though? Because really, that’s the main thing that stopped me from switching before now.

The annoying thing now is all those saved passwords that are not in Firefox. It will take a little while to sort out.

Worth it.

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