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Running Heather Moyse Heritage Park

I did some complete stretching then ran for about … hmm. 45 seconds perhaps?

I didn’t take the go-’round way lol. It’s Heather Moyse Heritage Park.

I ran the park trail.


I walked a 1/2 lap around the 1/4 mile (400m) and dropped my sweater there.

I walked the rest of the lap.

I ran the track to my sweater.

I walked the track and trail back to the stretching spot behind the benches, and did some cool-down stretches.

Then I walked home.

This was a couple days ago.

My legs haven’t felt that in a long time! I ran alot, 1992 – 1998.

Daniel walked, stretched, and ran too. He could have run for much longer than me.

But I was faster!

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