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Et tu, Facebook?

I tried to add all my places-lived to Facebook, from empty through 35 years of moving around and remembering rough dates.

You haven’t lived until you’ve broken Facebook.

I have fourteen added in a row, with the fifteenth showing me the block.

I moved back and forth a bunch, to one home-base. That is naturally, the same location that I list as my hometown above.

I hit something that displays HTML formatting, e.g. <br /><br />. Rare I guess, to have that much valid history to queue?

I guess that depends on whom, or what, is doing the considering.


I prefer to preserve the privacy I still hold over exact calendar dates of my moves. I send to Facebook, each move in the calendar year as an enumeration beginning January N, where N starts at 1 and increases each time it is used. This keeps events in the same order, without forcing me to tell a convincing lie by estimating differently.

The lesser of two evils, in my considering.


UPDATE: 27 mins later …

I’ve removed all the duplicates. Still blocked from adding locations.

I guess Facebook assumes if this message is being sent, it isn’t possibly a person and they stop helping me out. The ‘Help Center’ link isn’t actualized there because the HTML got caught in a filter and entity-encoded.

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