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About Me

Hello there! My name is Christopher “Chris” James Willcock. I maintain my curriculum vita at

I am very serious, some of the time:

I am a decent provider, all of the time:

I like heights, any time:

I like a challenge, at the appropriate time:

I experienced the change to widely available internet access as a teenager in the mid-90s. My early interests in video games led me to an amazing community of volunteers, working on fan translations of foreign-language-only titles. I connected with a mentor, himself a 30-something bachelor with several degrees in mathematics. Together we explored reverse-engineering hardware of the NES, and software at the assembly level. I contributed to works such as the translation of Musashi no Bouken, from the original Japanese to English. The noted contributor Yukelon is a younger me.

I developed a knack for, eh, what do you call that? Where you learn from failures caused by experimentation that you do for your own interests. Science? Something like that.

I have continued learning about technology and putting it all to use, especially computer and communications systems. I enjoy practicing coding on my own time and am constantly making things, though my specific area of interest has moved away from video games and tends to be fluid.

I started studying physics a long time ago upon my own volition and interest. I listen and talk about the universe, natural law and systems of equations, tirelessly for days. Or would do so. Lately, by which I mean during the last ten (10) years, I have been trying to improve my capacity to use mathematics to describe non-linear data models. There are some interesting ones of these.

I am grateful that I had a mentor in figuring computer-y things out and making something of what I have learned. I received the fair criticism I needed and generous training hours. I benefited from shared insight that comes only from years of experience.

Be slow to anger.
Be quick to please.
This may work for you.
It does for me.


I am a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE; 2016) and in my local community, I am a founding member of the Summerside Makerspace. I co-organize and co-host a bi-weekly Homebrew Website Club meetup (since 2019-04-18).

My local park is named to honour Canadian gold-medal-winning Olympian, Heather Moyse. I like running through there to the track. It takes sixty (60) seconds (2019-06-15; estimated).

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